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Date : 22 August 2020

AXEM Technology helps you to understand the international standard ATA SPEC 2000

In order to guarantee products compliant with the ATA SPEC 2000 standard and to provide assistance on the topic of contactless identification with RFID, AXEM Technology has joined the “ATA (Air Transport Association) e-Business Program” working group in September 2019.

Date : 20 August 2020

Add strength to your AX’Label with the Protect+ protective film!

In order to complete its range of metal labels ” AX’Label Platina “, AXEM Technology proposes to its customers a new innovative product: the protective film Protect+! Key features of the Protect+ : : Flexible and thin protective film, Washable under high pressure (resistant to rubbing, industrial washings), Fixable on curved or flat surfaces such […]

Date : 15 July 2020

A new interview of the CEO of AXEM Technology for Entretien Textile magazine

AXEM Technology’s CEO, Philippe MONDON, is once again interviewed for an issue in the French magazine Entretien Textile dedicated to traceability in the laundry industry!

Date : 29 June 2020

UHF RFID in laundries in the health and medico-social sector

UHF RFID, a way to fight against contamination at Covid-19 Health care and medico-social environments such as EHPADs are highly concerned by the risk of contamination with Covid-19. It is therefore necessary to redouble vigilance and put in place foolproof security systems that will reduce contact and contamination. The emergence of this virus has considerably […]

Date : 10 June 2020

Stay ahead with the new rugged RFID terminal: the MBS!

More efficiency and accuracy The new rugged RFID terminal MBS is powered by the Android 9.0 operating system. It is either available with NFC RFID technology or with the combination of NFC RFID and 1D/2D scanner technologies. Designed to withstand in a challenging work environment, as proven by its durability. It is resistant to dust, shocks, water […]

Date : 22 May 2020

Apple to test RFID technology for its future iPhone

The Near Field Communications site reports that prototypes of the next iPhone include an RFID chip. Apple has long been interested in this technology, which could bring new functions to its smartphone.

Date : 21 November 2019

Understanding RFID: the memory of an EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF tag

EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags can be used to read and embed data into the memory of their chips. However, the composition of the memory of a UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 tag raises several questions: how is the memory of a UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 tag segmented?

Date : 20 November 2019

AXEM Technology commits itself to the State and signs the DIRECCTE Charter!

As part of the fight against unemployment in France, the Val-De-Marne department has signed a charter in favor of inclusion and professional insertion.

Date : 27 August 2019

Waste collection and access to collection centers

The success of RFID technology in controlling access to waste disposal facilities is well known. It is a real productivity gain: it allows municipalities to control access, waste from everyone and manage the data collected using RFID technology. Control access to waste collection centers Choose the RFID solution for access control Traceability of users  Easier […]