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Example applications

  • Traceability of engine parts

  • Follow-up of tools used in the cabin to fight against forgetfulness and losses: FOD

  • Control and MCO (maintenance in operational condition) of aircraft (parts, tools and operations performed)

  • Inventory of the components of an engine

  • Component inventory management

Key caracteristics

  • Very small UHF RFID tags, lifetime equal to the identified product, 64Kbits extended user memory option, optional compatibility with ATA Spec 2000 Chapter 9 standard, extreme temperature resistance

  • UHF ATEX RFID readers and antennas to be shipped

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Our material solutions

Miniature UHF RFID tags

  • AX'Tag Atomic range of miniature tags (up to 5 x 5 x 5mm)

  • Long life >40 years

  • 2kbits or 64kbits extended user memory option

  • Optional compatibility with the ATA Spec 2000 standard Chapter 9

  • UAF Label (Used by the French Armies)

Ultra thin profile UHF RFID tags

  • Long life >40 years

  • Extended user memory of 2kbits or 64kbits

  • Personalization option: engraving and/or encoding

  • Optional compatibility with the ATA Spec 200 standard Chapter 9

  • UAF Label (Used by the French Armies)

UHF ATEX antennas

  • UHF antenna range

  • Dimensions 260x260x100mm

  • ATEX Zone 2 certification

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