Material management and security with RFID

  • Enable permanent management and tracking of equipment
  • Remotely programme and read RFID tags according to ATA Spec 2000 standard
  • Reduce downtime and therefore maintenance costs
  • Ensure the safety of equipment thanks to the untraceable function
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Example applications

  • Material maintenance: radios, vehicles, weapons, IT…
  • PPE management: carabiners, life jackets, helmets…
  • Logistics & equipment inventory

Key features

  • Ruggedness of tags and readers
  • ATA spec 2000 Chap 9.5 and MIL-STD compliance
  • High UHF memory for access to data in isolated areas during operation and equipment maintenance records
  • Untraceable function for stealth in operations
  • Communication option via I2C protocol

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Our material solutions


AX’Tag Memento XS

  • Small size: diameter 10mm
  • Untraceable function
  • Extended user memory: 64KB or 2KB
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AXTag Memento L UHF Defense.png

AX’Tag Memento XL

  • Compliant with ATA Spec 2000 Chap 9.5
  • Attachable to curved or flat surfaces
  • Extended user memory: 64KB or 2KB
  • Laser engraving: barcode, Datamatrix, text, logo…
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ATX-800 V9

  • Android 9.0
  • Powerful UHF RFID: 30dBm
  • Compliant with ATA Spec 2000 Chap 9.5
  • Scanner 1D/2D option
  • IP65
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AXEM Technology, RFID expert

AXEM Lab, innovation center :

  • Equipment at the cutting edge of RFID technology
  • Product design with Intellectual Property
  • Feasibility studies according to customers’ requirements
  • Manufacturing of customized products


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