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AX’Label Glass is applicable on glass surfaces such as inside or outside windshield of vehicles. It enables long distance identification of vehicles.

AX'Label Glass UHF Custom
AX'Label Glass UHF ERLA
Reader RFID UHF MBA5 P23 UHF RFID tag AX'Label Glass
UHF RFID tag AX'Label Glass Iziflow

AX'Label Glass UHF

  • Standards RF : EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
  • Secure design: the label cannot be removed without being damaged
  • Personalization: encoding, printing
Dimensions Applicable surface Memory Reading distance Temperature
108x28mm Glass 96bits to 480bits - -

Some applications:

AX'Label Glass Trucks

Examples of applications:

  • Vehicle fleets management
  • Vehicle access control
  • Parking management...